WFC Blogger Summit here I come!!!

Having attended the World Food Championship for two years as a competitor and successfully navigating the sea that we lovingly call Food Sports I thought it would be only natural that I apply for a spot in the Bloggers Summit to further my readers and my experience for my (newly) award-winning blog.  In order to secure a coveted spot in the prestigious Food Bloggers Summit I had to answer the following:

“This application requires a submission of a 750 word Blog which addresses the following:
1    What inspires you and makes you a successful Travel or Food Blogger?
2    What has your experience with Food Sport/Competitions been?
3    What are your favorite types of food to prepare, enjoy and write about?
4    Whether you would make a better competitor or judge at World Food Championships in   Orange Beach, and why!”

1. My family and readers inspire me to be a successful food blogger.  I am a Le Cordon Bleu trained and second-generation Chef.  Growing up in the restaurant business along with pursuing my professional culinary education gives me a different perspective than most and allows me to succeed.  I have also been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the world which has given me the opportunity to stay in a variety of hotels and eat a variety cuisines.

2. Over the course of the last 5 years my experience has grown immensely in the subject of Food Sports and culinary competitions.  My competitive nature has guided me to travel to both compete in and judge numerous culinary competitions on the state and national level.  Most recently I won the Del Real Food Blogger Challenge with my Sweet Pepper & Cream Cheese Cast Iron Enchiladas.  As part of the prize for winning the Del Real Food Bloggers Challenge I was invited to Denver where I filmed a few of my recipes and produced a professional quality Vlog.  In addition, I have won over 50 awards including 2nd place in my division at the 2014 World Food Championship.  In the last year I have found pleasure in judging culinary competitions in Arizona.

3. As a second-generation Chef who has a bachelors degree from the Le Cordon Bleu I enjoy cooking a variety of cuisines that range from Italian to Mexican to Mediterranean.  For me to truly be able to fully enjoy a meal I believe it has to have heart and soul in its creation and execution and it must be enjoyed with someone who is as passionate as I am.  When I write about food I like to make it accessible to the beginner culinarian but with an approach that a master will appreciate.  I only enjoy learning about new techniques, ingredients, and dishes and I especially enjoy sharing the excitement of learning new things with my reader.

4. The final question is the easiest! Although I have loved to judge culinary competitions my real passion is in competing in them.  Judging has given me a glimpse of the other side and what a judge looks for.  Seeing both sides has made me feel ready and invigorated to share my Food Sport journey with my readers! See you in Orange Beach!!!​

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